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Fear Of Flying (Aviophobia)


Afraid of flying? It is not an easy fear to overcome as once you get on that plane you have to really face the fear as there is no getting off! My fear of flying is caused by claustrophobia as I hate been shut in for so long. Other fears include "Why/how does it stay up there?", "What happens if we crash?", "How do I know it is safe?".

It is estimated that from 20 to 25% of people are frightened of flying and about 10% avoid flying altogether. Of those that do actually fly, more than 30% suffer some anxiety.  

Try Britannia Airways "Flying with confidence" course. I have been on it and so can speak from experience when I say that it is an excellent day full of information, presentations, talks, explanations and above all essential support which continues during the 1 1/2 hour flight.

There are talks from everyone involved during that day from the Captain who will be flying your plane down to the engineer who maintains the planes. There is also a doctor who will not only allay your fees but accompanies you on on the flight should he/she be needed. The staff are brilliant and cope tremendously with the tears, panics, last minute nerves and first-time-flyers.

You can choose to attend the full course or just the flight only. Alternatively you can attend the course and arrange for friends and family just to accompany you on the flight (this is what I did in April 2001).


Britannia's 757 A view from the window View of the cabin

This is the757 we flew on.   

  A view from the window       

  What it's like inside!


(click each picture for the full size)

I have been on the course three times now and I am hoping to again in November 2002 so fingers crossed that this time I really will be ok!

Britannia Airways - Flying with confidenceThe next course will take place on Saturday 9th November 2002 which is held  at Britannia's Training Centre, East Midlands Airport, Castle  Donnington, Derby.

For details visit:  and click on "Flying With Confidence" or you can email them at or call 01582 424155.


I found an excellent Web site that covers every possible kind of fear to do with flying and has some excellent tips for overcoming the fear. The complete URL for the site is very long so just click here to visit the site.